Superfood for super skin

Nourished, revitalised and radiant skin with Spirulina powered skincare

4.80/5.00 Excellent

Dermatologically tested

Certified Natural

100% Vegan


We use Ocean Waste Plastic

Here is what you can expect from our products

Clean & clear


Long-lasting moisture

Intensive care


Super skin on the outside,

super food on the inside

BIOK LAB Spirulina® Extract

Our unique Spirulina algae is an organic source of protein, antioxidants and vitamins. We have carefully extracted these powers to revitalize your skin.

Rich in chlorophyll

The extraordinarily high concentration of chlorophyll and carotenoids enables the extract to oxygenate your skin and support cell regeneration.

Rated excellent by our clients

Nobody is perfect, but we can be super. And for super results, co-creation is the key. With our superfood skincare line, let’s team up for your skin. Are you in?