4.8 (4)

250 g

Spirulina powder 250 g

4.8 (4)

Food supplement

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  • Nourishing
  • Revitalizing
  • For all skin types
This toothpaste gives freshness, whitens your teeth and protects against cavity. It's a certified organic product, meaning ingredients are natural, from an organic farming!
Certified natural
Vegan friendly

About product

Nobody is perfect, but we can all be super. And teamwork is required for great results. With our superfood skin care series and our superfood recipes for your kitchen, we make ourselves strong for your skin together. Are you in? Check our Spirulina-recipes here.

How to use

Serving Size: 1 Level Teaspoon (3.3 g).
Take 1 level teaspoon daily, mixed in water, fruit or vegetable juice, smoothie, yougurt or any other delicious drink or snack.

  • Tip

    Don’t forget to store the product in a dry place.

  • Texture

    Exciting green powder


  • Powder is a nutrient rich superfood that is the perfect addition to your smoothies! This is pure natural spirulina that is rich in beta-carotene (vitamin A) and the highest known vegetable source of B-12.

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Long-lasting moisture

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