Though food is plentiful, a balanced diet for your body and mind isn't easy. At Super Skin Lab, we choose the most nutritious superfoods to infuse your skin and hair with superpowers.

Super Skin Lab is a natural skin and hair care line. The care products are developed in our laboratory with over 30 years of experience in dermatology, chemistry and natural cosmetics. You'd better think of the lab as a modern vegan restaurant specializing in superfoods and creating recipes in line with our customers' recommendations.

The goal of our work is to get the most important nutrients of superfoods with active phytomolecules to nourish you and your body in a holistic and balanced way. So the key to super results is not just natural care, but teamwork - because that's the only way we can offer you products that are simply super. Our super mission is super care!

Meet super Ieva

"Nobody is perfect, but we can be super."

This is Ieva, the visionary of Super Skin Lab and marketing manager at BIOK LAB. As a pearl diver for natural cosmetics (..." because I had to try pretty much everything") she loves to come up with ideas that are simple, great and as Ieva says - meant to make your everyday life super."

Super Skin Lab transforms the most nutritious superfoods into superpowers for your skin and hair - without complicated care rituals. We offer you superfoods for body and skin that are simple and natural - inspired by Ieva.

She, like many other people, suffered from a stressful everyday life that didn't allow freedom for well-being and a perfect care routine. Her "missteps"... as she says, made their presence evident through dry skin patches and broken hair. However, Ieva decided to make a "cut" in her life and studied healthy eating and superfoods in depth. She brought her discoveries to our lab and convinced us of the synergistic effect between a balanced diet and holistic skincare based on healthy superfoods: super energy, a super good mood and skin that shines like she does. Ieva is a person like you and me - not perfect, but super and today an important part of our team.

Thanks to her, you can experience Super Skin Lab's superfood skin care line - because now you know "super skin on the outside needs superfood on the inside" too. Join the team today!

Sustainability is a journey.

Together, we are taking a step further everyday

Ocean Waste Plastic

This packaging is made from 50% ocean waste plastic, collected in the waters around Indonesia.


The FSC system allows us to identify and use paper for our packaging made with materials from well-managed forests and recycled sources.

Vegan friendly

We garantee - our formulas are vegan friendly

From the lab of natural beauty innovators

Super Skin Lab is born in BIOK LAB, a Lithuanian company of natural beauty innovators since 1988.

The BIOK LAB has been founded more than 30 years ago in Vilnius, Lithuania by 5 scientists in biochemistry with a high passion to innovate with natural ingredients for our skin's healthy look. Through the more than 30 years of change, two things remained at the core of our company: nature and innovation. We conduct thorough research and promote complete honesty. And it works! Our products are recognized by dermatologists and dental care professionals, and valued by people in the Nordic countries and in Central, Western Europe.